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La Fábrica | Coffee works | Cycle cafè

Our coffee concept

To start, we work closely with our green coffee importers to source only specialty grade coffees, paying a fair and sustainable price for this labor intensive commodity, that to this day is still hugely undervalued.

We roast our coffee every week in small batches to ensure our coffee is at its optimal freshness to extract the best flavours possible. We roast only what we will use during the week.

Our menu is simple. We decided to keep it this way to preserve the flavours that everyone from the farmer, to roaster, to barista works so hard to achieve. We build our drinks in a way that we believe will best highlight all this hard work. If your typical drink is not on the menu please give us the chance to offer our best. We are confident we will not disspoint. 

We use only fresh local milk, chosen after much taste testing. We steam our milk to just the right temperature to bring out it's natural sweetness, any hotter and we loose natures best. Our coffee is made once it is ordered, one at a time, with patience and excitment.

Our espressos are built on the current parameters of 17g finely ground coffee, extracted over 28-30 seconds to deliver 34g of liquid espresso.
We are using more than double the amount of coffee to make a single espresso than what is typical in other bars. We will have you happily buzzing around Girona in no time! 


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Photos by www.themusette.cc