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La Fábrica | Coffee works | Cycle cafè

La Fábrica · House Espresso

Our house espresso. Constantly changing, but a solid choice for your daily brew. Our house espresso shines in the milk and can stand strong on its own as an espresso. We search for coffees which provides flavour profile that is sweet and chocolatey in milk, with good body and medium acidity.

Current bean.

The Cerrado, Minas Gerais
Fazenda Londrina
Yellow Catuai

Our current parameters.

17g coffee
34g extraction
28 seconds
93.5 C 
8.5 bar

Our milk.

Granja Mas Colomer 
Esponella, Girona
Fresh, whole fat


La Fábrica House Espresso

Photos by www.themusette.cc