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Cafetto home · Eco Espresso Machine Cleaner

Eco-friendly and registered for organic use.

These specialised tablets can be used to clean a variety of espresso machines.

Phosphate free
GMO free
Registered for Organic Use
8 * 1.5g tablets provides 8 doses

Cafetto is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for coffee brewing and dispensing equipment. Cafetto's range includes approved organic cleaners, descaling and cleaning tablets and milk line cleaners.

Their product range is tailored to suit many systems including bean-to-cup fully automatic espresso machines, traditional semi-automatic espresso machines, home and office espresso machines, pour-over filter coffee machines and liquid coffee extract machines.

Incorporated in September 2003, Cafetto is now the major supplier of coffee machine cleaning and sanitation products in Australia and New Zealand.


Cafetto home Eco Espresso Machine Cleaner

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